Frequently Asked Questions


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How to care for your hair?

  • When you first receive your hair, inspect it for quality upon boxing. Although we double and triple check it before sending, we want to make sure it got to you properly.
  • Brushing the hair with a bristled brush is not recommended, as it can pull the hair from the tracks, leaving bald spots. Use wide-toothed combs instead and detangle from ends to scalp.
  • Shampoo the hair in warm water and a quality shampoo and conditioner. DON'T wash the wig while it is on your head! Give the wig a bath instead and be sure to wash your hair separately.
  • Use natural oils after or during a wash then blow/heat dry (air drying is more suitable to retain moisture). Care for this hair as if it were coming from your scalp! Since the hair no longer is attached to a person, you'll need to keep it oiled, preferably with Oregon oil. Moisturize and blow dry but don't overdo either.
  • If the scalp begins to itch, just scratch with your fingers. Don’t stick sharp objects underneath the tracks. Sharp objects can puncture a hole in your wig.
  • You are free to color, cut crimp, curl, and style this hair as you see fit.
  • Consult with a stylist you trust for advanced styling of the hair to ensure its proper care and longevity.



Why does my hair tangle or shed?

Improper hair care causes tangling or shedding. Be sure to wrap or hang the hair at night, do not over dye or over bleach, do not let the hair get too dry.


The cap doesn't fit, what should I do?

We always recommend you measure your head before ordering and leave a note in your order about preferred cap size, as all cap sizes are made for medium heads with a 22.5 in circumference. Use the adjustable feature on the wig cap or add extra security with the use of bands.


Can I swim in the hair?

We don't advise swimming in your new wig/bundles. Saltwater or synthetic chemicals in swimming pools can cause unnecessary damage to the hair.


Should I sleep in my wig?

You absolutely can! But we recommend you sleep in a silk scarf or bonnet that protects your hairline and decreases friction. Friction will cause matting for both your hair and the wig. Softly detangle upon removing.