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 We opened in 2005 with a mission to help women, children and men feel confident about themselves. We service anyone who is suffering from hair loss, due to cancer,chemotherapy, alopecia, lupus, stress and any other turmoil that deals with hair removal. Our founder is not only the founder but a client as well. She began losing her hair at the age of 10. First her eyebrows, then small spots (about the size a dime which grew to the size of a quarter) throughout her scalp. She soon started using weaves and extensions to cover up her patches until she couldn't cover them up any more. She soon graduated to wigs and they looked like thick mops. So, she understands the importance of a Great Wig! 

Much of this website is focused on a particular type of wig which are called lace wigs. Lace wigs are made with a thin sheer mesh fabric material attached. It is this mesh material that is referred to as the lace. When fitted and applied correctly the lace wig gives the appearance of the hair naturally growing out of your scalp.

Lace wigs create such a natural looking appearance that they are considered superior to the traditional, regular, (non-lace), wigs that you simply put on and pull off. And that security makes a significant difference that greatly helps an individual's confidence.

Lace wigs were originally created in the medical industry! It was created as a solution for people experiencing complete hair loss while going through cancer chemotherapy. Lace wigs were so successful and natural looking that they got high jacked by the fashion industry as a beauty accessory which is where you mostly hear about them now.

If a lace wig is fitted and applied correctly with the adhesive. It is set and fixed on you. It could last a couple of weeks or more before you are ready to remove the adhesive, and remove the wig.

Using quality lace such as Swiss or French lace creates a breathable cap that lessens itching and sweating. You will actually forget they are wearing it.


Natural Wigs Mission Statement

At Natural Wigs, we want to make your experience as memorable and unique as you are. We offer personalized service and private attention catering to those who suffer from all varieties of hair loss. We offer high quality wigs, extensions, and hairpieces to satisfy the needs of all of our clients. With our in-house salon,we strive to exceed our clients'expectations and recognize every client as our ultimate focus. Our goal is to help every woman, man, and child to look and feel beautiful, each and every day.